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The stars, the leaders, the loudest voices

Alphas are celebrity Churpers who reach out to different audience niches; music lovers, concert-goers, party people, youtube and sports fanatics - you name it! There's no better way for you to harness the power of celebrity endorsements for your brands than engaging our Alphas.

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  • Xiaxue
    Top Blogger, Full-time HousewifeFacebookInstagram

    Chatting with friends, reading blogs, playing games, catching up on gossip, online shopping! I already tweet a lot so Churping is awesome as I'm getting paid to tweet now!

  • Nat Ho
    Actor, SingerFacebookInstagram

    Social Media is the one accessory that all of today's Artistes can't do without. And Churping even rewards u for it! Have u jumped on the bandwagon yet?

  • Sheila Sim
    International Model, Designer, ActressFacebookInstagram

    Churping away to share about my life, my dreams and my ideas. What better way than to spread the word of love, and get paid in return!

  • Lawrence Wong

    I love sharing bits and pieces of my work and life to my fans on social media. Churp Churp allows me to go further than sharing; I'm interacting!

  • Ong Ai Leng
    Actress, Entrepreneur, Housewife, Fashion AddictFacebookInstagram

    Churp Churp opens up the door for me to post for products and brands that I believe in

  • Nurulaini
    TV Personality, EntrepreneurFacebookInstagram

    Tweeting brings me closer to my fans and friends from all over and it's simply awesome that with Churp Churp, you get to earn AND share great news with everyone with just a click!

  • Fiza O
    Radio/TV Presenter, Fashion Addict, Food-lover, Movie-junkieFacebookInstagram

    The things that make me different are the things that make me - A. A Milne

  • Kelly Latimer
    Fitness Nut & Presenter: TV, Radio, LiveFacebookInstagram

    There are no celebrities, only people with influence. Churp Churp allows me to reach out and influence people about the things I'm passionate about.

  • Amanda Leong
    Beauty Queen, Psychology Major, Cat LadyFacebookInstagram

    I #blog, I #tweet, I #instagram, and I spoon my #cats to sleep. I also have my own line of false #eyelashes. Churp!!

  • Carrie Yeo
    Singer, Song-writerFacebookInstagram

    I live. I'm alive. And since I'm alive, I need to tweet and churp about the little things that makes life exciting. Churp churp!

  • Tan Diya
    Singer, Song-writer, Film Photography EnthusiastFacebookInstagram

    I believe that sharing fleeting moments of life can make me and someone out there feel less alone. Churp churp here and a churp churp there, I churp, You churp, churp churp everywhere!

  • Brenda
    Social media junkie, fashion enthusiast and a lover of minimalism. FacebookInstagram

    I am a social media enthusiast who enjoys sharing my snippets of my daily musings + fashion ensembles. Churp Churp allows me to connect with others and have fun doing what I love!

  • MissGoob
    Cake Monster, Traveller, Huge Dog-Lover. Devoted to Instagram FacebookInstagram

    Social media allows me to interact and share with the community things that I am passionate about - food, travel, craft & occasionally fashion! Churp Churp rewards me for doing just that!

  • Sherlyn Chan
    Blogger, TeacherFacebookInstagram

    I love bunnies, peonies and pastries. ‘Churp' would be my newest quip.

  • Jason Julius Lim
    Sports & Fitness EntrepreneurFacebookInstagram

    I lead a fast pace and fulfilling life educating people about health & fitness. Social Media has allowed me to reach out to more people in a short amount of time. And now with ChurpChurp, I'm ready to take off!

  • Jasper Tan
    Videographer, PhotographerFacebookInstagram

    Social Media helps to spread your work to the community

  • Kathleen Kong
    Lifestyle Blogger, Food Lover, Social Media AddictFacebookInstagram

    Coke Light addict, food lover, beauty junkie, slave to social media. I can't decide my OOTD and what to have for lunch, but choosing what to share comes so naturally. Besides, who says no to extra pocket money?

  • Vera
    Fashion & Style blogger, Stylist & Travel EnthusiastFacebookInstagram

    Big purveyor of personal style, informed writing and beautiful photography. I'm always in the pursuit of living life elegantly.

  • Jon Phay
    Lifestyle Influencer, Accountant.FacebookInstagram

    Sharing with the world a slice of my life, and the wonderful things I encounter daily. From travel, fitness, food and fashion, it's always about living in the moment!

  • Wong Li Ting
    Student, Fashion & Lifestyle InfluencerFacebookInstagram

    Hello! Slowly ... but surely you'll find out about the way I churp! Down for anything! Life is your adventure!

  • Brianna Wong
    One half of The Closet Lover. Workaholic 24/7, 365 days.FacebookInstagram

    Social media is my go-to whether it's day or night; it's addictive. I'm always sharing snaps of food, travels or my outfits! With Churp Churp, i'm sure there's even more to share!

  • Melina Irwan
    Lifestyle & beauty influencer. fashion enthusiast. mad dessert lover.FacebookInstagram

    I'm always on my social media platforms connecting with people. With Churp Churp, it is a dream to be rewarded by doing what I love to do! Besides all that, I am obsessed over sweet treats (CAKES!).

  • Cëe Tay
    Lifestyle influencer, incidental blogger and freelance photographer/stylistFacebookInstagram

    'Creativity takes courage.' Looking forward to creating more creative content with Churp Churp!

  • Dykail
    Fashion & lifestyle influencer, Entrepreneur.FacebookInstagram

    Capturing bits and pieces of my lifestyle on fashion, beauty, health, food and scenery. Best thing is I get remuneration for what I enjoy doing. Thanks Churp ✌

  • Audrey Lim
    Social-media Addict, Fashion EnthusiastFacebookInstagram

    I love dressing up and taking pictures! Now, with Churp Churp, I have more reasons to snap pictures!]I love dressing up and taking pictures! Now, with Churp Churp, I have more reasons to snap pictures!

  • Tiq Zulkifli
    Beauty Junkie, Cat lover, Fashion EnthusiastFacebookInstagram

    Social media is part of my daily life because this is where I share my favourite beauty tips. With Churp Churp, it just makes my social media life more interesting!

  • Cheyenne Chesney
    Social Media Junkie, Lifestyle Blogger, Model, Chocolate addictFacebookInstagram

    Social media is an incredible platform where I enjoy sharing my life and interests with my followers. Now with Churp Churp, I get rewarded to do just that!

  • Jamie Pang
    Travel EnthusiastFacebookInstagram

    “There's always another story. There's more than meets the eye. ”

  • Jucia Chong
    Designer + Creative Influencer, with a heart for style, travel and adventure.FacebookInstagram

    Always getting lost in flower markets, discovering new places (camera and coffee in hand), and spending Sundays at church. Creating all things beautiful on Instagram.

  • Samantha Goh
    Girl boss, psychology post-grad, and fashion/lifestyle influencerFacebookInstagram

    I spend a lot of time coming up with creative content for my social media platforms and I absolutely love what I do. Sometimes I feel like I should focus on my job, but not anymore when I can monetise my posts with Churp Churp!

  • Gayle Nerva
    Actor, Singer, DreamerFacebookInstagram

    It matters not what you have, but what you share with the world. Be brave, be kind, be awesome.

  • Khoo Shu Feng
    Fashion & Beauty Blogger, ModelFacebookInstagram

    Social media is the best platform for me to destress after a long day at work, I love to express my own thoughts and share all things related to beauty and fashion on my social media platforms. Thankful that Churpchurp exists, I can now earn a little pock

  • Constance Lau
    Model, HostFacebookInstagram

    Expressing beautiful and positive energy through Churp Churp

  • Corliss Tan
    Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Fitness EnthusiastFacebookInstagram

    I love snapping bits and pieces of my life and churpchurp gives me provides me with a platform to do so! Oh, and I'm a shopaholic too.

  • Desiree Liew
    fashion communicator. style blogger. brand managerFacebookInstagram

    curating and story telling through photos — documenting my personal styles, beauty habits, work in progresses and travel adventures. churp churp is a platform where it keeps me relevant and connected to my readers.

  • Jazreel
    Jewellery maker, EntrepreneurFacebookInstagram

    Churping my multifaceted love for food, travel and craft helps to keep me happy!

  • Jovelle Goh
    Fashion Enthusiast, Graphic designer & Social media addictFacebookInstagram

    I’m 24/7 on social media – sharing my fashion ensembles, food escapades & travel adventures. Churp allows me to stay connected and updated with my friends & this makes me happy.

  • Minhua
    Portrait/Fashion Photographer, Graphic Designer, VloggerFacebookInstagram

    I'm always tweeting to share my thoughts and things I like and Churp Churp just made these more enjoyable!

  • Shona Woo
    Part-Time Model, Figure-Skating Addict, Lifestyle InfluencerFacebookInstagram

    Born to churp and churp to bond. Let's churp away!!!

  • Zac
    Social Media Addict: Lifestyle, Travel, Fitness and FashionFacebookInstagram

    Social media is a place where I reach out to people and share my life journey/experiences with them.

  • Blackalogy
    Twitter PersonalityFacebookInstagram

    I love to meet new people, eat and mostly, tweet! With Churp Churp, it adds more fun to tweeting!

  • Cleo
    Student, Lifestyle Junkie FacebookInstagram

    With an insatiable hunger for adventure, I dive at any opportunity that celebrates life. I travel, I eat, I dress up, I read and I dance, all in the great company of family and friends. Churp reminds me to never stop.

  • Gerri
    Fashion lover, Foodie, Entrepreneur FacebookInstagram

    Fashion focused; lifestyle driven. Churp feeds you bite-sized pieces of my daily adventures (or misadventures)!

  • Isaac Lim
    Fashion StylistFacebookInstagram

    Having the power to make things beautiful and love everything colorful.

  • Joanne-Marie Sim
    Emcee, TV Host, ActorFacebookInstagram

    Joanne-Marie believes strongly that good things must be shared. Thus, look no further, because now she has her New Weapon of Mass-Sharing: ChurpChurp! Ready, get set, and... ChurpAway!

  • Miao Ru
    Singer-Songwriter / Youtube SingerFacebookInstagram

    Social media has revolutionised how I share about my music and life - from sharing singing covers on Youtube, to music performing life through Blogging, to daily happenings on Twitter. Sharing this way of life through social media and getting rewarded for

  • Nicshields
    Part-Time Radio DJ, Communications StudentFacebookInstagram

    I'm all about being social and all about media. I'm all about social media. What goes hand in hand with that? ChurpChurp! So naturally I'm all about churping too!

  • Nira Chan
    A Thai-Chinese Mother, Entrepreneur, Social Media PersonalityFacebookInstagram

    I’m the best me when I do what I love. Thank you Churps for allowing me to share the fun.

  • Hansen Lee
    Actor, Model, TV Host, EmceeFacebookInstagram

    Social media and its potential has always fascinated me. This is me finding new ways to connect to you. Churp on!

  • Atilia
    Singer, Song-writer, ProducerFacebookInstagram

    Sharing has become the number one activity for me and I'm glad I churped into Churp Churp to share more. Everything is just a tweet away now, let’s start sharing!

  • Chelsia Ng
    Actress, Singer, SongwriterFacebookInstagram

    I love the movies. I act, sing and write. Very blessed to be paying the bills by doing what I love! Being able to connect with my fans is very important to me. Social media and Churping has made it easier and extra extra fun!

  • Serena C
    TV Host, Model, Radio DJ, EmceeFacebookInstagram

    Hello! I talk on air, on tv, and on stage! Now I get to Churp! How cool! Nice to meet you! Churp me maybe?

  • Nadhira
    Singer and Song-WriterFacebookInstagram

    I love Chuppa Chupp. Churp Churp is the closest I can get!

  • Dynas Mokhtar
    Celebrity Model, TV Host, ActressFacebookInstagram

    My work is not a 9-5 job like most of the world, love my job and I'm blessed to have Khyra, Qaish and my family in my life.

  • Hafreez Amminuddin
    Comedy, Lifestyle & Fashion IconFacebookInstagram

  • Keat Lee
    Social Media Personality, Interior DesignerFacebookInstagram

  • Venice Min
    Model, ActressFacebookInstagram

    Known widely across Malaysia for her model-like figure and stunning looks, Venice is currently the face of HSBC and has been chosen as one of the ambassador for Samsung Galaxy A. She has also graced various fashion magazines and events.

  • Junees Teoh
    Socialite, Travel Enthusiast, Fashion & Beauty IconFacebookInstagram


  • Student & Social Media InfluencerFacebookInstagram

  • Aida Sue
    Content Editor, Twitter PersonalityFacebookInstagram

    Twitter is a place where we can speak our mind, the good one can be Churped and Churping connects me to my friends and followers!

  • Andrew Xander
    Model, Student, BloggerFacebookInstagram

    Churping is about sociology and psychology more than technology. It connects me to all my friends in this networked world!

  • Angela Lieche
    Lifestyle & StudentFacebookInstagram

  • Arnold Loh
    Radio Announcer, Fashion EntrepreneurFacebookInstagram

    Churp. Churp. Churp. Burrrrrpp! Haha! Churp Churp is awesome for keeping me connected!

  • Ashley Lau
    Lifestyle BloggerFacebookInstagram

  • Audrey Fourfeetnine
    Blogger, Social Media SpecialistFacebookInstagram

    My first ever ambition was to make people laugh. My second was to be pretty. I think I've succeeded in one.

  • Bobo Stephanie
    Fashion Blogger, ModelFacebookInstagram

  • Brian See
    Model, BloggerFacebookInstagram

    I love to Churp because Churpie flies me to a journey of exploration with fun and excitement!

  • Bryan Loo
    Chatime Malaysia CEOFacebookInstagram

  • Budiey
    Entertainment BloggerFacebookInstagram

    Tak sah kalau tak berTwitter & berChurp2 setiap jam. Hashtag, Trending & Retweet menjadi makanan saya. Impaknya, superb!

  • Ceeranoh
    Parenting BloggerFacebookInstagram

  • Cherrie Mun
    Fashion Blogger, ModelFacebookInstagram

    I'm a relatively good girl. One girl who plays hard and is crazy for fashion. I live my life to the absolute fullest and I enjoy the little things life has to offer.

  • Cik Epal
    Lifestyle BloggerFacebookInstagram

    Cik Epal is a happy-go-lucky and chirpy blogger with many loyal readers, known to be very supportive on her blog and social media platforms.

  • Dan Khoo
    Youtuber, Director and ProducerFacebookInstagram

    I love being able to tell so many different kinds of stories through movies and Youtube. I'm now on ChurpChurp Express and looking forward to see where this adventure will take us!

  • Daphne Charice
    Party & Lifestyle BloggerFacebookInstagram

  • Dennis Yin
    Dancer, ActorFacebookInstagram

    Hi! I'm Dennis Yin. I enjoy meeting new faces and socializing with others. It's easier with social medias nowadays. I Facebook, I Tweet, I Youtube, and now, I Churp. ALPHA ftw!

  • DJ Fuzz

    DJ FUZZ started DJ-ing at the age of 22 in 1999, when he enrolled at Playaz Universe, Malaysia's first ever DJ school. He is currently running his own DJ Academy, Mixology DJ Academy, in Petaling Jaya. He was a former member of the prominent Malaysian hip

  • Elcah
    Make up & YoutuberFacebookInstagram

  • Evangeline Yan
    Fashion BloggerFacebookInstagram

    I'm a girl from Venus.I feel a desire to publish my interests, connect with people, and further investigate the intersectionality of fashion, beauty and love.

  • Hafiz Hamidun
    Musician, Music Producer, EntrepreneurFacebookInstagram

    Life is like music, it needs to Churp like birds!

  • Ho Ming Han
    Youtuber and Filmmaker FacebookInstagram

    Being a YouTuber involves knowing more things, people and going more places. And now onboard the Churp Mobile, we're ready for lift off

  • Hyekal
    Student & Social Media InfluencerFacebookInstagram

  • Jane Chuck
    Model, Blogger, DJFacebookInstagram

    Twitter and Facebook are parts of my life.I love how Churping makes my life awesome.

  • Jeremy Teo
    Radio Announcer, Emcee, HostFacebookInstagram

    Social media + Churp Churp = Awesome. And since I'm all about the awesome, here I am!

  • Jessica Chaw
    Blogger, StudentFacebookInstagram

    Of happiness. Of inspiration. Of dreams. Of fashion. Of simplicity. Of passion. In life, with love.

  • JJ
    Radio AnnouncerFacebookInstagram

    I talk for a living & I like sharing stories.I love getting to know new people & hearing their stories. Churping connects me to new stories!

  • Jofliam

  • Juwei Teoh
    Model, Personality, LifestyleFacebookInstagram

    It’s important for me to connect with my friends and family through Social Networking and Microblogging…so let’s Churp! ^.^

  • Kampungboy Citygal
    Food & Travel BloggerFacebookInstagram

  • Maria Elena

    Sometimes a Churp can change a person's day, so I hope my Churp can make yours better!

  • Mia Suraya
    Blogger, BankerFacebookInstagram

    Banker by day, blogger by night

  • Namee Roslan
    Parenting BloggerFacebookInstagram

  • Nanabwincess
    Blogger, ModelFacebookInstagram

    Churp on and follow every little things on my life, my fashion critics and even my deepest thoughts. xoxo

  • Natalie Kniese
    Radio AnnouncerFacebookInstagram

    Hey, I'm Natalie... I Tweet, FB & blog. I also Churp! Churp Churp! #Winning :D

  • Nisa Kay
    Blogger, Student, ModelFacebookInstagram

    Nisa Kay founded online fashion store called FSYN to embrace her passion for fashion. Nisa also hosts weekly videos for tech portal Amanz TV and has been featured in magazines like InTrend, Dara, Hijabista and Utusan Malaysia.

  • Phat Fabes
    Radio Announcer, Emcee, EntrepreneurFacebookInstagram

    The satisfaction I get from being able to speak to my listeners nationwide is cool. I chill with them on the radio everyday and with Churp Churp, I am now able to relate to them even more.

  • Phoon Chi Ho
    Writer, ComedianFacebookInstagram

  • Preston
    Model & EntrepreneurFacebookInstagram

  • Redmummy
    Lifestyle Blogger, Shopaholic FacebookInstagram

    I blog, I tweet, I shop! Oh and I ChurpChurp too!

  • Tira Hanees
    Student & Social Media InfluencerFacebookInstagram

  • Vivy Yusof
    Fashion Personality, EntrepreneurFacebookInstagram

  • YangBaobei
    Author, Blogger and StudentFacebookInstagram

    Facebook and Twitter are my eyes, thanks Churp Churp for widening my vision.

  • Yuyu Zulaikha
    Blogger, StudentFacebookInstagram

    Yuyu suka ber-Blog, ber-Tweet, dan ber-Facebook, tapi, Yuyu suka giler giler ber-ChurpChurp!